We have partnered with a number of incredible cannabis culture brands and hemp-based product manufacturers to bring you a wide range of quality products. While we are not (yet) growing and processing our own hemp, we hope that you will choose to donate and/or purchase products, which will help us make our dream to #GrowForGideon @GideonsGarden a reality.

Help us #GrowForGideon and Build Gideons Garden!

Life in Serenity Valley

Gear for Browncoats

Our Dream for the Future

One day soon, we hope to provide high-quality industrial hemp and CBD hemp oil for the US market. We will always strive to use the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly technologies and methodologies, setting the trend for a new paradigm in commercial agriculture.

Help us #GrowForGideon and Build Gideons Garden!

About Us

We are a mother and father team on a mission to provide CBD oil to children and families like ours—those that could benefit from regular CBD oil medication or supplementation, but cannot afford the hefty cost. Our son, Gideon, was born with cerebral palsy and now suffers from epilepsy. We believe safer alternatives or healthful supplementation should be available to everyone. Your donations and purchases will help us build a hemp farm in order to provide CBD to kids with special needs or epilepsy for FREE!


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Aquaponic Solutions

Using aquaponics systems and extensive knowledge of both fish farming and horticulture, our incredible team has the experience necessary to build the most efficient indoor Hemp CBD growing facility possible.

Agriculture Redefined

By combining ancient knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we are capable of outperforming most outdoor industrial cultivation in this space. Our team of horticulture and agricultural specialists has created a “best of both worlds” approach to industrial hemp cultivation that not only increases yield, but reduces overhead costs and environmental waste.