Firefly Slang used on this website

You have either run into a number of Chinese phrases, or maybe even a little “frontier slang” that we have woven into the goods we carry and our story here at Serenity Valley Hemp Co. To our fellow browncoats, howdy! Stop on by our Facebook page and leave us Firefly memes and news, we love that kind of stuff!

For everyone else: This is a list of phrases that we have used from the cult TV show “Firefly” and the movie “Serenity” and their associated meanings . We are all huge fans here (if the name didn’t give it away) and thought that some of the fun of this great show should be given to all of those who visit us! So enjoy just a little bit of what its like in the ‘verse… where we don’t get paid to talk pretty 😉

1. Gao Guhn : Awesome or extraordinarily clever (Literally translates into “High Pole”)

2. Sheh Sheh: Thanks

3. Shiny: good or valuable.

4. Bang-up: great. (“They did a bang-up job.”)

5. Ornery:  Stubborn, not passive.

6. Shindig: A party, usually with dancing.

7. Run afoul: to get into trouble with

8. Gorram: for the sake of anyone reading this…lets just shorten this to mean damn 🙂

9.  More coming soon!



(Translations and terms taken from : Small Cult Following’s PDF of Firefly Terms without expressed permission, but we reckon these browncoats are okay with it, Sheh Sheh! )