About Serenity Valley Hemp Farm

Developing a sustainable hemp farm is our priority. We strive to create the best possible practices for our family farm and the entire hemp-growing community here in Colorado and the nation. With our incredible team of aquaculture specialists, horticulturists, and regenerative agriculture professionals, we will produce hemp crops of the highest quality and reduce water waste and pollution in our local area.

Our Mission

high tech hemp farm

Our organization is founded upon a deep desire to help children with special needs and/or epilepsy. We seek to merge new agricultural technology with proven permaculture methodologies to create a powerful platform for an outdoor industrial hemp farm and indoor hemp CBD cultivation. Our core values include using the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices in all aspects of our business.

Our Team

Our dynamic team of professionals is proficient in a wide range of relevant fields. We are proud to include a molecular biologist, a professional cannabis grower with previous hemp farm experience, a regenerative agriculture specialist, an aquaculture specialist, and an office team that has over 20 years combined business expertise in both management and technology.

Our Strategy

Our business strategy stems from the necessity to be flexible in an emerging market. Most importantly, we are rooted in altruism and sustainable, “green” business practices.

Our Green Vision

Outdoor Hemp CBD

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