Matthew Payne

Matthew Payne - CBD Hemp Cultivation - COO

Farming has been a passion of mine since I was very young boy learning how to grow crops with my grandfather on his farm in Virginia.  There is something satisfying to me about planting a seed and watching it grow and change over time.  My experience with cannabis has been taking a few plants to a successful harvest, but have been afraid to take it to a larger scale due to the local laws.  To satisfy my passion in this hobby, I began experimenting with aquaponics in my backyard.  I studied different techniques and applied the methods to my own systems. My aquaponics system studies began 8 years ago, and I am still practicing them today.  The bulk of my career, has been building boats and yachts since 2003 and I have a large variety of skills to offer from my experiences.  Some of the tasks early in my boat building career that can be useful are plumbing, fabrication and rigging.  Most of my time in the industry is based in marine electronics and high end AV electronics.  It is within my skill set to plan, install, troubleshoot and operate lighting systems, environmental monitoring systems and irrigation systems.  Over the years, I have run teams on projects and have gained managerial experience.  I am continuing my education at Palm Beach State college and I will be taking classes in horticulture next semester to increase my knowledge and experience.   Personally, I believe that cannabis will change the world in a positive way if we allow it.  There are so many people out there that could be changing the quality of their lives for the better with this medicine.  Ever since Greg Chernoff has involved me in his planning, I have been incredibly excited about embarking on this new adventure.  I am ready to help support this team and to satisfy the goals of the company.

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