Mitchell Kenney

Mitchell Kenney - R&D

I was drawn to this opportunity for many reasons. It is an exciting time to get involved in the cannabis movement. As a medical and agro-industrial product, it’s potential is just being uncovered. I have also never been presented with such a unique opportunity to combine my backgrounds in the construction/contracting industry with biological study. I believe hemp will provide the construction industry with more environmentally healthy and energy efficient building materials. I look forward to the opportunity to develop crossover products that will introduce the public to architectural use hemp and to help advance a new way of thinking about residential construction.


I have a diverse background that started with service in the U.S. Army, education in biology emphasizing molecular studies and plant physiology. That led to lab experience with recombinant DNA in bacterial plasmids as bio-remediation tools. Legislative restrictions forced me down a different and completely unrelated career path in residential contracting. The combination of the two give me unique perspective into the construction industry’s’ needs, and laboratory and research skills that are paramount to success in this newly developing field.

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