Firefly Tank Top: The Cast


This stunning tank top features the cast of Firefly. The shirts are printed using the unique dye sublimation method and the colors pop like nothing else in the ‘verse.



Notice the vibrant color images? The colors pop because of the 100% polyester shirts.


  • Sublimated t-shirt
  • Extremely cool
  • Options include: front only with white back, front only with black back, and full body prints
  • 100% Polyester for rich, vibrant colors
  • Check sizing chart for measurements
  • Officially licensed

Note: Due to the printing process, dye sublimation, there can be small “imperfections.”  Usually, they look like white marks on folds and at the seams. The vendor does work to keep them to a minimum. Please consider this before ordering. While some might consider them imperfections, others enjoy the shirt’s unique feel because each item has different markings.




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