Endoca: Raw Hemp Oil


Looking for a CBD hemp oil tincture? We are happy to introduce you to Endoca. Their hemp oil is a full-spectrum extract with terpenes and other natural constituents of hemp oil.

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Why Choose Endoca Raw Hemp Oil?

Endoca offers two types of raw hemp oil. They offer either 300mg at a 3% concentration of CBD or 1,500mg at a 15% concentration of CBD. Endoca’s 3% Raw Hemp Oil tincture has 1mg per drop, a standard concentration among our competitors. Yet, each drop of the Endoca 15% Raw Hemp Oil has 5mg CBD. The potency of this hemp oil beats even Endoca’s own pure hemp concentrates.

  • 10mL dropper bottle
  • Organic certified
  • Raw and heated versions available (learn more about this below)
  • 100% GMP certified
  • 100% sustainable
  • Lab tested
  • Vegan
  • Guaranteed potency

Endoca Raw Oil vs. Endoca Hemp Oil (separate product listing)

What is the difference between Endoca’s “raw” hemp oil and their standard Hemp Oil?

In the hemp oil industry, it is standard procedure to heat the oil, often known as decarboxylation. By heating hemp oil, the cannabinoids are activated by the change in structure. This is Endoca’s traditional hemp oil. Before its heated, CBD is in the form of CBDa. This is slightly different and is what is found in Endoca’s Raw Hemp Oil.

How do you choose which one is right for you?

As with most things, you might choose to research it. Often, though, many find that research is still lacking in some areas and experimenting with both might be an option for you. If you carefully take stock of your symptoms prior to and after use, you might find the product type that best suits your body.

While both compounds are effective and have very similar properties, some people find success with the raw tincture and others have a better response to the heated tincture.

Endoca Ingredients

Organic Certified Hemp Oil, Omega-3, Omega-6, Vitamin E, and naturally occurring terpenes, co-factors and co-nutrients from hemp

Additional information

Total CBD

300mg, 1500mg


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