Gideon’s Garden and CBD for Seizure Disorders

Epilepsy has many forms. There are many pharmaceutical drugs available to help epileptics cope. Some people take one medication while others juggle two or more. As Gideon’s mother and advocate, I have been on quite the journey.

Gideon was initially prescribed Keppra to manage his seizure disorder. Immediately, I looked up the full prescribing label. The list of possible side effects is astounding. Of course, this is true of all anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs). After reading up on what he might face, I knew CBD oil would be a safer alternative.
I joined epilepsy groups to learn about how the drugs affected others and how they coped. I was blessed to watch as others took their own journey with experimenting with CBD oil. I’ve since learned that some manage well with it alone while others supplement with it.
Everyone has a unique experience with CBD oil much like any pharmaceutical drug.
Then, one day, it happened–Gideon wailed and screamed with a ferocity that was not like him at all. He’s been dealing with the terrible twos, but this was much worse. He was just angry for no good reason and he was nearly inconsolable. Of course, I took the necessary precautions and checked him over for possible physical causes. There were none. In the epilepsy groups, I learned that this is referred to as “Keppra rage”. I recalled that when reading the prescription label, serious psychological side effects were not only possible, but common. In some, suicidal ideation and/or attempts were noted.
My next step was to speak to the neurologist. B6 supplementation is often necessary with Keppra. It assists with a myriad of common side effects, especially Keppra rage. So, I began to read up on the various forms of B6. Some, at high doses, can cause other nephropathies. After some research, I learned that a form known as P5P, or PLP, was safe at high doses and is more readily used by the body. I am happy to report that this supplementation is working well.
One might wonder why we want to switch Gideon over to CBD oil if his seizures are well controlled on this combination. CBD has no known side effects from the oil itself (although, synthetically derived forms have had associated side effects in trials). Also, it can help with his cerebral palsy.
This is not something we take lightly. No one should. It should be done under the care of a physician. Weaning off of or changing AEDs can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. The dosage and frequency of CBD oil usage are important factors in efficacy. If after controlled, physician-supervised experimentation we found that CBD oil was ineffective for Gideon, we would adjust his medication accordingly.
Since CBD has some valuable benefits when used to assist in the treatment of cerebral palsy, I do not believe we would stop its use altogether. Also, Serenity Valley Hemp Company would not lose sight of its intended goal. CBD oil has been proven to treat many conditions successfully, albeit with varying degrees of success from person to person.
Everyone deserves a choice, especially one that may be safer and more effective. We believe CBD oil should be available and affordable for all who seek this treatment.

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