Choosing the home of Serenity Valley Hemp Co.

Looking over the horizon at the orphan land, This Land, our dreams began to unfold before my eyes. I saw rows of hemp and a hempcrete house. Bamboo encircled the seasonal lake, bringing water home permanently. I saw cows proudly pooping, I mean, fertilizing the land during the off-season with chickens hitching rides on their backs. Gideon and Kaylee waved at the quietly passing train with big smiles adorning their faces. I saw work to be done. I saw a future, employment, possibilities.

Standing there in the whipping wind watching the wind turbines in the distance, I began to believe in this dream. We may build it piece by piece, with help or alone, but it WILL be built. We WILL bring CBD oil to those who cannot afford it. “It begins here,” I told myself. I felt myself become elated and I looked over the horizon once more. My omen awaited my eyes in the form of a distant cloud hovering over the mountainside. It was an omen only a Browncoat would understand, yet I saw it–a leaf on the wind. “I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar.”

I hugged my husband who was donning his own brown coat and pointed toward the beautiful white leaf. He nodded. We knew it; This Land is ours.

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